Thursday, July 03, 2008

Captain Beverly Causes A Problem (Part Three)

Guest Poster: Karena

After my initial falling out with my pumpkin, Wesley Crusher, the two of us spent some time in 'making up'.

This was extremely pleasant, but we now have to find out why his mother Beverly Crusher told Queen Diana that Wesley was planning to run off with an Orion Slave Girl. Even the Rhode Island communications proves he has had no meeting or talks with any. The Queen broke up the engagement and diplomatic relations.

It's up to us to put it all right. We are on the video monitor to the Enterprise.

Beverly is on the screen and he explains the situation to her. She looks horrified, as if she has won the lottery, but threw the ticket away with the trash. Beverly calls Captain Picard over.

The whole stoey is repeated again.

"I can assure you that Doctor Crusher has not been to Wondawowman during the last week." the Captain tells us, "She has been on the Enterprise all this time. She was in the SickBay, as a lot of crewmembers went down with the Jelibeli Virus."

The Captain sends via computer all the duty logs of the Enterprise personel, including the Doctor to us.

"I will forward this on to Queen Diana." he says, "Hopefully she will realise it was an imposter, and get the engagement on again, and also restore diplomatic relations."

"Of course!" Beverly thinks aloud, "Karena, do you remember the name of the ship the imposter travelled in?"

"Yes." I reply, "It was pink, and named the Dominatrix."

"Only one person pilots that." she tells me, "My lookalikie from the pro-female alternate universe, Captain Beverly Howard."

The videoscreen picture crackles and changes to reveal a different image.

"Well done on working it all out." says the figure, "Yes, I am Beverly Howard. It was all a lot of fun seeing you squirm on my monitors. Look forward to seeing you all again when you least expect it!"

The screen crackles again and returns to normal. The Captain and Beverly confirm they saw her on the screen as well.


A few hours later, my mother has been satisfied who the woman was, and confirms the engagement is back on, and diplomatic relations are restored.

"Actually." says the Queen over the viewer., "After this event, I see no reason why the wedding shouldn't be bought forward. It will take place within the next few months!"

I kiss Wesley.

"Pumpkin." I say with delight, "Soon, we'll be Warrior and Life Servant!"

Friday, November 03, 2006


It's hard studying for Starfleet while carring a spear.